Virtual Intermediate FileMaker Class Series

Starting in early October, AppWorks is offering a virtual class series for intermediate-level developers looking to hone their Claris’ FileMaker skills. Classes will utilize FileMaker Pro Advanced 19, which can be provided if needed.

Classes will be held on Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 3:30-5PM PST via Zoom, starting on Friday, October 9th and ending on Wednesday, November 4th. Classes will include lectures, breakout sessions, hands-on development and Q&A sessions. Recordings will be available after each class for review purposes.

Classes are available for purchase in AppWorks’ store, and may be purchased individually for $100 each, or as a series for $600 total ($200 savings).

Picture showing a laptop and a banner with "Virtual Intermediate FileMaker" class series

The class schedule will be as follows:

  • Class 1 – October 9th
    • Layout Design – building a data entry layout that is simple to use
      • Using themes, styles and consistency in design
      • Using columns and guides to divide your layout into zones
      • Using Button Bars, Popovers, and Card Windows to make complex tasks simple
  • Class 2 – October 14th
    • Working with fields & relationships
      • Text, number, date & timestamp fields – when and how to use each type
      • Primary and foreign keys
      • The importance of UUID keys vs. serial numbers
      • Working with container fields and storage
  • Class 3 – October 16th
    • Key calculation functions
      • Case ()
      • Let ()
      • Text parsing, concatenation, listing and summarizing
      • The strange beauty of Not IsEmpty ()
      • Importing & exporting data
  • Class 4 – October 21st
    • Intermediate Scripting Part I
      • Iteration and building complexity over time
      • Calling subscripts
      • Script philosophy: keeping things contained and simple
      • Commenting best practices
  • Class 5 – October 23rd
    • Relationships & Data Modeling
      • Creating relationships
        • One to many
        • One to one
        • Many to many
      • The primary function of the the Relationship Graph (is probably not what you think)
      • Sorting and filtering portals
  • Class 6 – October 28th
    • Reports & Dashboards
      • Using a List layout as a report
      • Working with Sub-summaries
      • Using a Sort script
      • One layout, many reports
    • Building a dashboard
      • Show meaningful data
      • Simple navigation
      • fmRecentRecords, fmLog & other free tools
  • Class 7 – October 30th
    • Using JSON
      • Key functions:
        • JSONSetElement ()
        • JSONGetElement ()
        • JSONFormatElements()
      • Scripting with multiple parameters
      • Beware: JSON is case sensitive
  • Class 8 – November 4th

Please contact for class placement assistance if you would like to attend, but are unsure if intermediate classes are the right fit for your abilities. We are looking forward to these sessions, and hope you’ll join us at our Virtual Intermediate FileMaker Class Series on Zoom!