We love sharing our knowledge & enthusiasm for the FileMaker platform

We offer FileMaker training classes for learners of all abilities, from brand-new Claris FileMaker users to experienced developers. We regularly offer classes at the employee, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and we offer organization-specific training sessions as well. We’ve recently added a FileMaker Certification Path offering as well, for any students wishing to pursue a career as a FileMaker developer. Our classes can be a great way to introduce the Claris platform to new employees, develop a new (useful!) hobby, a new work skill, or broaden your horizons as a developer yourself. We’d love to help you achieve your FileMaker-related goals.

Our FileMaker training classes are taught by experts in the field, that are well-equipped to answer any and all of your questions about UI/UX design, improving performance, data structure and more. We also welcome our students to join our FileMaker Meetup group, the Claris Developers Bridge Network.

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Upcoming Training Classes:

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FileMaker Tutorials

Find our instructional YouTube videos here.

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Classroom Training

We offer courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced FileMaker developers taught by Matt Navarre

Client Training

We can develop a course specifically for your organization, whether that means building a solution together, training new employees, or learning all that Claris FileMaker can do for your business

FileMaker Certification

Our newest offering is designed to help prepare developers seeking FileMaker Certification; learn more about this unique opportunity here

Topics covered include:

Creating a Database & Working with TemplatesExporting to PDFSending email, SMS, etc.Use of Layouts
Importing & ExportingUsing Data TablesFields (text, number, data, time, container, etc.)Portals
DataUser Interface Design (UI/UX)Calculation & Summary FieldsButton bars for navigation, action, and to display data
Card WindowsThemes & StylesRelationships, primary keys & join tablesScripting & Calculations
Developing for FileMaker Go & WebDirectReportingUsing JSONDeploying FileMaker Server