Updates to fmMapping

Based on feedback we received from the community, AppWorks has taken the time to update fmMapping. We are pleased to announce the release of fmMapping 1.5 for you!

With this new release, we have improved the following:

  • You can now open a map in a new window (no blank web viewer object)
  • Updated Google API usage policies to reflect current changes*

*Google has put into effect new pricing for some of their APIs, including the Places API used by fmMapping. We recommend you review the new pricing charts and estimate your monthly costs before deploying fmMapping in production.

Related to these pricing changes, the Places API now requires that requests be sent with an API key for full functionality. Requests sent without a key result in a map overlaid with a warning, “For development purposes only”. To interact with the API in production, obtain a key from Google, then configure the script “Set Google API Key” with your key.

As always, if you need any assistance implementing this module into your solution, AppWorks is happy to help at our hourly rate. Please inquire with Shawn@app.works for more information.