Employee Spotlight: Michelle

Michelle Davison is our feature employee in this month’s rendition of AppWorks’ Employee Spotlight. Earlier this year, Michelle won an essay contest put on by Women Innovating Together. Her essay was one of four chosen winners that earned coveted scholarships to this year’s DevCon in Orlando, FL. She is attending DevCon for the first time next week, so please say hello if you see her!

A Harry Potter enthusiast through and through, Michelle works her wizardry via UI/UX design and magically loves scripting with loops. Michelle is newly a homeowner, newly engaged and newly FileMaker certified. As fellow fans of Lizzo, we at AppWorks think Michelle should be feeling Good as Hell!

Michelle Davison sitting with cats, scripting with UI/UX, pictured with crochet needles and Harry Potter glasses
Artwork by Jeremy C. Joseph of inkshift.com

Michelle’s knowledge and demeanor are appreciated by coworkers and clients alike, with client Jacqueline noting that “There’s nothing more frustrating than a technical difficulty, and there is no better solution than placing a call to Michelle. Her responsiveness, her knowledge and skill, and her cheerfulness are always just what is needed.” President of AppWorks, Kimberly Carlson, is proud of Michelle’s rapid growth, “I am incredibly proud of how far Michelle has come in such a short period of time. Her clients love her and ask for her by name on new projects. She treats her clients with respect, treats their issues with reverence, and pays attention to all the little details without losing sight of the bigger picture. I look forward to watching just how far she can go.”

“She is warm, patient, kind and insanely sharp. She can take the muddy explanations and requests I give her and make magic happen!”

– Kyra, Client

Around the office, Michelle is much loved for her whip-smart knowledge that extends beyond FileMaker and her willingness to troubleshoot website issues and beyond. Customer Success Manager, Shawn, loves assigning Michelle to projects because “Michelle is great with working one-on-one with clients. She listens and articulates empathy when talking with clients. She has a knack for explaining how and why a change will benefit the users’ experiences or simply a process.” Fellow developer David Weiner notes that Michelle “has turned into a top-notch developer! I’ve been surprised and impressed with her skills and problem solving abilities again and again!” 

Outside of the office, Michelle is a newly-minted dog mom, having just adopted a good boy by the name of Stryker. Stryker rounds out her pet family, which also includes a much-loved cat named Piper. On the weekends, you can find Michelle crocheting, biking and mastering new Javascript languages. Michelle has excellent taste in Portland establishments, her favorites being Boxer Ramen and Le Happy. Michelle has traveled to Thailand, and is eyeing Italy or New Zealand as her next vacation destinations, after Orlando, of course!