Bridge Monitor App

Our favorite time in Portland is here! The Rose Festival, Pride Week, Fleet Week, Portland Craft Beer Festival, The Blues Festival and Bridge Pedal are just a few of our favorites, but with each of them comes traffic on both land and water. While lots of apps can help with traffic navigation, most can’t account for bridge lifts, leaving users with no idea how long they’ll be stuck in traffic. (Remember, turning off your engine reduces pollution and helps keep our city beautiful!)

Don’t get stuck in Fleet Week traffic!

Since AppWorks is located in Bridgetown USA, we’ve created a real-time solution that monitors the Hawthorne, Morrison, Burnside, and Broadway bridges for crossing the Willamette River, as well as the I-5 Vancouver Bridge for crossing the Columbia River. This effort is possible thanks to an API for bridge alerts provided by Multnomah County. Go to to get an update on the length of time your favorite, or at least most-traveled bridge, has been raised. You can also sign up for email notifications for the bridges that impact your commute.

At AppWorks we’re are always looking for ways to give back to our community. This app aligns with our community’s active lifestyle, whether it be by car, bike or foot as well as with AppWorks’ goal of saving time, effort, energy, money and potential pitfalls through software.

Are you new to APIs? Application programming interfaces (APIs) are available for workplace innovation platforms such as FileMaker to exchange data with a variety of web services and applications. APIs are a great way to bring data from an outside source into a custom app, such as our bridge app.

Get started with the bridge app by going to We recommend bookmarking it and signing up for notifications.

Looking for ways to mesh data into your solution? Contact Eleanor to schedule a free consultation about how AppWorks can help integrate your FileMaker solution with an API at