Our tickets are booked for Pause[X]Include in a few weeks in Tulum, Mexico! We’re beyond excited to attend, speak and learn from other developers from across the nation. We love networking with FileMaker firms large and small, and we can’t wait to see our peers from the community! From AppWorks, we are sending CEO Matt Navarre, President Kimberly Carlson, and Senior Developer David Weiner.

All AppWorks staff in attendance will present at Pause[X]Include. Matt will present on deploying a custom web server on AWS. Kimberly will speak to Project Management, specifically on how to say no to a client, and David will speak to the integration of FileMaker and Airtable. We are eager to share our knowledge of these topics with the FM Community, and also enthused to learn from other developers’ presentations.

AppWorks attended the previous Pause conference, PauseOnSecurity, and the findings from that week have been invaluable to our proceedings ever since. We hope to attend and contribute to a similarly excellent conference at Pause[X]Include in a few weeks.

Please find us and say hello in Tulum, and pack sunscreen! We can’t wait to grow and learn with the FileMaker Community, and hope to be a friendly face in the crowd for all developers, both new and experienced.

¡Hasta pronto!