October Meetup Recap

AppWorks would like to thank everyone that attended our October FileMaker Portland Meetup. We munched on Thai food from Beau Thai while kicking off the meeting with a beginner question period, then launched into AppWorks’ new line of videos, called FileMaker Cool Tricks. We demonstrated the workarounds in the cool trick videos, and then opened up the room to other developers – what “cool tricks” do you use that are not obvious? What do they allow you to do?

Chris Irvine shared his thoughts on a cool trick, and promised to give a thorough walk-through of said trick in an upcoming blog post. This tip had to do with aligning text in button bars using tabs.  We’ll say no more, and we’ll let you await his upcoming blog post!

We then dove into the pros and cons of having a FileMaker back button, and client expectations that come from a back button. With many novice FileMaker users gaining an understanding of the back button from using web browsers, how would a back button in FileMaker be different? Would clients be upset if a record was deleted, and the back button didn’t solve this issue? Is there merit in having a back button, or is it best that clients only move forward in FileMaker? 

We touched briefly on alternatives to MirrorSync, and the features that MirrorSync accomplishes that smaller workarounds cannot. We also talked about the Sidecar feature in Catalina that can allow a new-edition iPad to function like a desktop computer.

We certainly hope you’ll join us for our special-edition November Meetup, where we’ll have a demo version of FileMaker Cloud to try out. Our November Meetup will be held on Wednesday, November 6th from 6-8PM. If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP here.

We’re always on the hunt for new cool tricks, so if you feel inclined to drop one in the comments, we might just make a video about it! No uncool tricks please, only cool tricks allowed.