Have you heard the news? It’s time for the next JumpStartFM!
4 weeks + 12 classes = lifetime of knowledge

What is JumpStartFM?
JumpStartFM is a one-month online course designed by Molly Connolly, President of Thorsen Consulting. Molly has been working with FileMaker since 1989 developing custom software solutions, training, and providing high-quality information resources for clients and developers. Molly has brought on board some of the most respected developers in the field as instructors – including our very own Matt Navarre. Additional instructors include industry experts: David Knight, Cris Ippolite and Debbie Zempel, who bring decades of experience in custom software development and project management.

The instructors have designed a set of “hands-on” projects that — after initial one-on-one program planning — will be tailored to your skill level and desired learning outcomes. The coursework and webinars are deliberately paced to help you absorb information.

Why is JumpStartFM for you?
JumpStartFM is not just a technical training class. The course also includes project management tools and techniques to help you advance your career as a software developer. The ultimate goal of JumpStartFM is to help you develop both technical and project management skills and move your career to the next level. Whether you’re a FileMaker newbie, or a senior developer – or anything in between, this is a great opportunity for you to take your skills to the next level and find out just how far you can push yourself and your understanding of FileMaker from all angles.

How does JumpStartFM work?
JumpStartFM has designed a flexible, hands-on class that can be done at the office, at home, or anywhere else you desire. You will complete a series of pre-recorded webinars, homework assignments and participate in live chat sessions. The one-hour live sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, and share ideas with classmates. The class also shares information via an online resource. You receive a technical review from your instructors on each assignment via email.

I’m a senior developer. Why should I take JumpStartFM?
Your instructors will tailor your project work to your experience level and you’ll receive one-on-one feedback. If you’re thinking about going off on your own, this course includes in-depth insidght into the process of consulting. Sales, time management, billing, estimating and quality assurance techniques are all part of JumpStartFM, and they are key elements of running a financially successful consulting business.

I’ve been working in FileMaker for a while now, so I know I still have a few things to learn, but I’m not a beginner. Why should I take JumpStartFM?
The technical aspects of this course are geared to address both beginning and mid-level developers. Perhaps you are a “power user” who wants to dig deeper on the development side. Perhaps you’ve been working with FileMaker on the development side and want to sharpen your skills in specific areas. The individual attention you receive and the tailored coursework will ensure you get the most out of this course.

I’m brand new to FileMaker. Why should I take JumpStartFM?
JumpStartFM was originally designed for beginning developers with the goal of developing skills that they could use to assist their organization immediately with useful (billable) work. The course is an excellent introduction to FileMaker, and project work will be tailored to your skill level.

Where do I sign up?
Please go to JumpStartFM.com to learn more about the courses, the instructors, the cost and the value of the classes, as well as signing up for the next sessions.

Don’t delay! Classes start June 1st.