FileMaker Training – Beginners to Intermediate

Monday, August 8, 2016 – 8:00am to Tuesday, August 9, 2016 – 5:00pm
Event Location: Conference Room
FileMaker Pro 15 Training
Taught by: Matt Navarre
Hosted by:’ next intermediate FileMaker Pro 15 Training is here!

What: This beginner to intermediate, two-day intensive training course will be taught by Matt Navarre, founder of Using FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced, Matt will delve deep into all that FileMaker 15 has to offer the developer that wants to hone his/her skills and for the layperson who is looking to stretch his/her knowledge.

Two days of lecture will conclude with an hour or two at the end of class for hands-on assistance with a project you are currently working on, or a project you’d like to get started on.

Materials to be covered in class include:

Focused training on FileMaker Training Series 15 for Intermediate developers
Overview of Best Practices
Introduce what FileMaker can do for you and your business
Highlight what is new and improved in FM 15
An opportunity to pick Matt Navarre’s brain
What to bring to class:

Your own laptop – with FileMaker 15 Advanced installed
Your own project to work at the end of class (if you have one)
Any questions or specific problems you’d like to solve in FileMaker
Your sense of humor