FileMaker’s Innovation Without the Hype Videos

FileMaker recently released their new line of Innovation Without the Hype advertisement videos. These short video clips urge problem solvers and business owners alike to think logically about an efficient solution for their business. The link to these videos can be found here.

These video clips highlight how FileMaker solutions can directly address a variety of business issues, instead of choosing a trendy office solution that may backfire. These videos take place in a meeting room, where decision makers are listening to presentations to address a variety of business ailments. Combatting workplace hype with humor and logic, the Innovation Without the Hype videos showcase useful FileMaker features can help avoid work ruts, inefficient processes and disorganization.

These videos emphasize database features that can greatly streamline and simplify work processes. Each clip showcases a different attribute, demonstrating how custom FileMaker solutions can help track activity, work with mobile devices, create standard operating procedures across departments, decrease administrative work, integrate with other systems, and much more.

FileMaker most recently released the “Whale Sounds” video, which is the eighth video clip in this series. We would love to hear about your preferences and opinions! Let us know in the comments which Innovation Without the Hype video is your favorite, and which video you think best advertises FileMaker’s awesome attributes.

If your business is facing any of the problem scenarios in the videos, such as difficulties tracking inventory or losing sales leads, consider implementing a FileMaker solution for your own business. We would love to talk more about what we can do for you. We would gladly schedule a free one-hour consultation to discuss how we can improve your operations. Email to inquire. In your email, please include a short description of your current system, what tasks your current system performs, and if there are any additional tasks you wish your current system could perform.