Employee Spotlight: David

This month’s employee spotlight features David Weiner, Senior Developer at AppWorks. Born in the Big Apple, David has lived in California, and has also lived briefly in both London and Mexico. David enjoys traveling, and of all the places he’s traveled, he would most like to revisit Japan. According to AppWorks President, Kimberly Carlson, “David makes a mean ramen!” His favorite restaurant in Portland is Yataimura Maru.

David is pictured with a guitar, some ramen and a video game controller
Artwork by Jeremy C. Joseph of inkshift.com

David’s favorite artist is a fellow David, David Bowie, and AppWorks’ David has been known to partake in the band scene himself, playing bass, guitar, piano and vocals. In his spare time, David plays video games (Horizon Zero Dawn at the moment), and collects vintage cameras and folk art masks. David is not to be trusted with said vintage cameras, as he’s had one camera stolen by a bear in Sequoia National Park. This ill-fated camera was miraculously recovered and then re-stolen in Paris, presumably by a human mammal. David has had cameras stolen in both Rio de Janeiro and Mexico.

At AppWorks, David is known for designing beautiful user interfaces. Coworker Karl Jreijiri notes that “David has a remarkable eye for great, intuitive and clear UI/UX design. His keen eye for design is not limited only to FileMaker apps, just check the food that he makes!”

“David always calmly throws himself into projects, and gets to the vision of what the customer really needs. During his years at AppWorks, his skills with interface design have really bloomed and expanded. Each new project is more beautiful and functional than the last, and it’s a joy to watch it all unfold.”

Matt Navarre, owner of AppWorks

David has earned great respect from his clients. Client Mona says “We really enjoy working with David.  He is a careful listener and informs and educates in easy-to-understand ways. His solutions are comprehensive, so additional work on the same project is very rarely needed.  Also, he is mindful of his time, working effectively and watching out for our budget.” Client Dan feels that “David is so wonderful to work with as a developer – he seems to intuitively understand what we are asking for, even though our focus is anesthesiology, an obviously difficult subject to translate into FileMaker scripts and functions.  He never obscured his side of things with jargon or smoke – always direct, thoughtful, and on point.”