9 Best New Features of FileMaker 18

Apple released FileMaker Pro Advanced 18 on May 22, 2019. AppWorks delved into FileMaker 18 in search of new functionality, and we were far from disappointed. Read on for our favorite shiny new features and changes in version 18.


1. Configure Local Notification script step! This makes it so you can push a notification to an iOS device without FileMaker running in the foreground!

2. New script steps – they’ll make it easy to create and export from FileMaker any sort of data file you can spin with text (like HTML files, CSV, JSON, plain text, whatever)

  • BTW, those script steps are:
    • Create Data File
    • Open Data File
    • Get Data File Position
    • Set Data File Position
    • Write to Data File
    • Read from Data File
    • Close Data File, plus the function
    • Get ( OpenDatFileInfo )


3. Full access required to reference a file is now checked by default. Checking this was very important in our Security Checklist.

4. Read and write external data files. This is great for writing log files or exporting data in a custom format. See #2 for actual script steps involved.

5. While function to create loops – before this function, we had to use recursion and multiple script steps. This is a long-awaited function. This is my favorite new feature for FileMaker Pro Advanced 18.

6. FileMaker Server now includes a startup restoration feature. During startup, before databases are open for client access, FileMaker Server validates database entries. If databases have inconsistencies indicating that they were not closed properly, startup restoration uses a log to restore the files to their last consistent state.

7. FileMaker Server used to work with Zabbix but it now comes with resources that would make it easier to use Zabbix to monitor it.


8. Set Error Logging script step is my favorite so far. This will allow developers to more quickly and thoroughly debug problem scripts.

9. Improved import features. One of the biggest headaches in FileMaker has been matching fields from two large tables in the import dialog. The new interface allows users to select fields from a dropdown and search by name.

We at AppWorks are thoroughly psyched to start importing with greater ease, configuring local notifications, and using the While function. Let us know which new FileMaker 18 feature is your favorite in the comments below!