REUSE is an open-source inventory management database solution for state and federal surplus property divisions. REUSE is customizable, and comes with several options for database hosting and support.

With REUSE, a state agency can receive, photograph, barcode and track property throughout warehouses; sell and invoice property, and provide reports for staff and state/federal oversight organizations. REUSE provides a way for approved agencies to enter, edit and audit their surplus information internally, online and with mobile devices.


  • Agency management – including agency eligibility and compliance
  • Agency inventory – including the agency’s property, quantity and location(s)
  • Inventory management – including warehouse inventory and shipments

Point of Sale

  • REUSE facilitates all AR, including the ability to invoice and record cash, check and/or credit card payments
  • Integrate REUSE with virtually any accounting software, regardless of whether the items are purchased online or in person


  • Tailor reports based on data needs, date ranges, federal and/or state searches, and more
  • Comes with the ability to create all required federal reports – including GSA3040

Perks of the Program

  • Ready to go – REUSE is an open-source solution that can be used as-is, or customized to suit any state’s specific needs
  • Secure – Granular data security to ensure users only see the data they should, and cannot see the data they shouldn’t
  • Platform friendly – Compatible with PC and Mac operating systems
  • iPad compatible – Portability in the warehouse or at an auction to intake inventory and process point of sale purchases
  • Environmentally friendly – entirely paperless!

AppWorks, a certified small business in the state of Oregon, has been working with government and educational agencies for nearly twenty years. We spent the last several years working closely with Oregon’s SASP to develop REUSE and we’re all very excited to share it.

AppWorks can provide implementation, support and training for REUSE as well as any customization, database management and hosting.