November Meetup Recap

Huge thank you to everyone that attended our Meetup last night! We enjoyed spiced Manhattans and pizza while discussing the PauseOnSecurity conference, the woes of falsely connecting to public WiFi, and best practices for a bulletproof database.

November Meetup

Several Meetup attendees were guest speakers at the PauseOnSecurity conference, so they presented main takeaways as well as brief versions of their own presentations. There was also a FileMaker Q&A portion of the evening, which will become a recurring feature in future Portland FileMaker Meetups.

We also previewed an exciting new development from AppWorks that resulted from the PauseOnSecurity conference. The conference demonstrated numerous hacking techniques to access databases previously thought secure. AppWorks has accordingly developed a security checklist that can eliminate these concerns for FileMaker users. The checklist indexes best practices and security settings to ensure maximum database security. Please stay tuned for the release of this checklist, which will be publicly available in the near future.

Our December Meetup will feature guest speaker Vince Menanno of Beezwax, who will explain his stance on optimistic vs. pessimistic development. He will also share information about InspectorPro 7.0. You can learn more and RSVP to future Meetups here. We would love to see you!