Kimberly selected for Claris Partner Council

AppWorks is pleased to announce that Kimberly Carlson, President of AppWorks, has been selected as a Claris Partner Council member, where she will communicate the needs and ideas of Claris FileMaker developers and firms to a Claris executive team. We know she will excel in this role due to her active listening and creative problem-solving abilities frequently showcased at AppWorks. We are excited for the ways in which she will unite Claris partners with Claris International Inc. Congratulations, Kimberly! 

Claris Partner Council

Current council members are located around the globe, with members typically serving a three-year term. The council meets twice per quarter with representatives from Claris, with the mutual goals of company growth, success and transparency.

Council members are qualified to bring community issues or ideas directly to the attention of Claris International Inc. If you have any questions, concerns or need clarification on a Claris initiative and wish to speak with Kimberly, please describe your situation in our contact form. Alternatively, you may submit this form, specifying your circumstances and the Claris Partner Council member you wish to represent you.

More information on the Partner Council team can be found here. Please know that Kimberly actively welcomes and anticipates your ideas and feedback. AppWorks is excited for her appointment, as we know that she will work effectively toward improving and furthering a symbiotic partnership between Claris-affiliated organizations worldwide and Claris International Inc.