Employee Spotlight: Shawn

AppWorks is starting a new recognition series in which we highlight each of our valued employees. Shawn Prado’s central role at AppWorks as Customer Success Manager makes her a great candidate as the focus of our first Employee Spotlight. President of AppWorks, Kimberly Carlson, appreciates that “Shawn makes my life – and our clients’ lives – easier.”

Picture of Shawn bike commuting, with plants in her office, pizza boxes and fancy earrings
Artwork by Jeremy C. Joseph of inkshift.com

Born in Muncie, Indiana, Shawn is our token all-weather bike commuter, and has nurtured her office space into a thriving city jungle, which cannot be overstated. Shawn is a parade enthusiast, as long as she is in the parade. She does not watch them. Shawn works best to Madonna or Beyoncé, and can appreciate a good pizza. She takes enviable Pacific Northwest vacations on her husband’s Cessna 172 plane, where she serves as autopilot on occasion. Her all-time favorite vacay destinations are Barcelona, Spain and Oaxaca, Mexico. On the weekends, you can find Shawn hiking, tending to her plants, playing with her nephew, or racking up triple word scores in Scrabble.

“Shawn is calm, professional and organized. She juggles many client projects simultaneously without letting any slip through the cracks.”

Many of our clients have had contact with Shawn as she aligns visions of clients and developers, and follows agile project management methodology to ensure great outcomes for each of our customers. Client MJ says, “Shawn has been an outstanding project manager for us from day one. She has consistently delivered excellent communication and has helped immensely in the development of our ERP software project. We are very lucky to have her guiding our project through the development process.”

Our internal team has great respect for Shawn as well. Developer Paul Beyrouty recognizes that “Shawn makes everyone’s job easier. Without her organization and management we would all need to spend twice as much time just figuring out what work needs to be done,” while developer Karl Jreijiri feels that “Shawn is the best project manager I have ever worked with in my career.”